Colonoscopy for Bill – Medical Informer Video

NOTHING GROSS OR DISGUSTING.. I promise. This is *not* “two girls one cup” … and the good news is there is a light at the end of the tunnel!! “Got to the end, and you’re normal” … “Well, your colon is normal” It was much easier than I expected. suggested humor: Dave Barry’s write up and there are others, of course.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. wildbill1911A1 says:

    Yep, that was me five years ago this week! Thanks for watching and commenting.

  2. jsamari says:

    Wow today is the day before the day before Thanksgiving and i’m in chicago. freaky tuesday

  3. duncan3417 says:

    I woke up during mine and stayed awake while the scope went around a couple bends. It still was not painful and I never passed gas. My procedure was about 9am and I was out and home by
    10:30. This really is not as bad as people say. Just Do It !

  4. crimitop says:

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  5. crimitop says:

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  6. nafinazmul says:

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  7. goombahboy says:

    Congrats on the good report. Nice to see your skin graft scar on the clavicle has healed nicely.

  8. Dani Souza says:

    very cool :-D I like all video

  9. MrFeetloverboy says:

    Thanks for showing ur socks lol

  10. Amandamoo73 says:

    wildbill i made it through!i had the colonoscopy with midazolam which relaxed me a bit,i got the all clear (its ibs) and glad to say i won’t need another one.i was terrified beforehand but i survived is nothing to be afraid of,trust me

  11. ella123glammeriffic says:

    thank you soooo much for this video!! i have my colonoscopy and upper endoscopy tomorrow to test for crohn’s and i was SUPER nervous but now i’m less scared:) i’m glad that they didn’t find anything wrong with you!!

  12. xheather492 says:

    I have ulcerative colitis and get one of these every ten years. That’s the nastiest shit I’ve ever tasted in my life… it’s literally like, shit and 7-up mixed in a bottle.
    I haven’t touched a can of 7UP or Sprite since I was 10.

  13. wildbill1911A1 says:

    Glad it went well and if there are any problems, you’ll find out sooner and that is good. Thanks for your kind words about my video channel.

  14. Richcool79 says:

    Hey bill got the colo. over with! YA! The worst part was the prep. the day before. Otherwise the pro. went fast . Have to follow up with doc. on treatment plan and ad or change some meds. But it went SO FAST that when I woke up I did not re. I had been asleep. The wonders of Popfal and Verced. GREAT drugs. Thanks again for your great channel! Have a good day.

  15. wildbill1911A1 says:

    You’re welcome

  16. wildbill1911A1 says:

    Good luck and you’ll be glad for the report. Either way, it’s good to know sooner.

  17. Richcool79 says:

    Also the thanks for your video.

  18. Richcool79 says:

    Hello Bill had to post. the colonoscopy AGAIN! Had another infla. Been on meds . and now it is a go for Friday at 7:30 am. Still nerv. about this. I guess more fear of the unkonwn/ Will let you know how it goes . Have a good day .

  19. wildbill1911A1 says:

    Good luck with the diagnosis and treatment. The colonoscopy is nothing to fear. That’s the message of my video.

  20. Richcool79 says:

    OMG! I have this on feb. 4 which is on a Friday. Had CT. scan last mounth and they found a part of the lower left colon was infected and some “quest.” influmation??? Finished meds. But what does that mean?? They also say I have “IBS” ??? I put this off out of fear but now I guess it is time to get it over with. Have a good day Bill . I will let you all know how it went.

  21. wildbill1911A1 says:

    Thank you very much. 

  22. mmmbad says:

    I love your sense of humor! You made this a fun and informative video. I’m really glad your test was normal and you’re okay! Thanks for posting!

  23. ploonk1892 says:

    Your slapstick face is golden!

    Will subscribe.

  24. maxell07c0 says:

    I know all too well about that drink and yes it cleans you out, and it’s flavored now which is a good thing

  25. Claudio AGMFilho says:

    i am from Brazil in south america and i loved this video …


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