Preparing for a Colonoscopy – Medical Informer Video

Dr. Lynn Butterly, Director of the Colorectal Cancer Screening Program at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, gives simple tips on preparing for a colonoscopy. Colorectal cancer is the second most common cause of cancer death in the United States — yet it’s one of the few we can prevent. Prevention and detection are the keys to beating colorectal cancer. The colonoscopy uses a thin, flexible tube through which your doctor can detect polyps with a tiny camera, and even remove them without discomfort in a matter of seconds. Preparing as effectively as possible for a colonoscopy gives your doctor the best chance of finding even the smallest polyps. Your doctor will prescribe you the “prep” medication that you will drink beforehand, but you will also want to have other materials on hand for the “clear liquid diet” that you’ll have to be on as well. Clear liquids include apple juice, ginger ale, Jell-O, broth or bouillon. Hard candies may even be OK as well. You also may want to have extra toilet paper, special wipes, or magazines or books. Drink one glass every 15 minutes or so until you feel full, then take a break to let it work through your system. Don’t get discouraged as you work your way through the jug; just remember, possibly having undiscovered colorectal cancer will be harder than this preparation! The “split prep” is another option. You would do most of your prep in the afternoon and night, then finish the prep first thing in the morning, if your endoscopy center

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  1. ladyandrea1985 says:

    Once the solution kicks in you can’t walk around. You basically sit on the toliet with cramps and wait. I brought my laptop into the washroom. I did the half and half prep.

  2. ladyandrea1985 says:

    The prep is the worst indeed! HUNGRY & the cleansing was crazy runs for 3 hours straight. Thankfully they found nothing except a stupid hemmoroid. I did it because my mom has colon cancer and I didnt want to take a chance. Its a touchy subject but colon cancer is a silent killer!

  3. bethmariew says:

    lol, my phone diead when she said her name is “butt-erly”. Then she tells you, in not so many words: you need to do a good job pooping before we film your butt movie! LOL

  4. veganath says:

    What would it take to prove, if peer reviewed studies don’t convince you?

    Another example of research evidence inspired by the china study. A population of mice were genetically engineered to have a greater predisposition to developing cancer. The thing is the cancer was predictably switch on & off, how, by increasing the percentage of the protein casein(from cows milk) from 5% to 20% of dietary calories, & yet the same % protein derived from plants didn’t cause cancer, cancer remained off.

  5. xMileyCyrusSeriesx says:

    Still doesn’t mean that the diet caused the cancer.

  6. veganath says:

    1 more thing, the China study (20 years of research) shows that in the big cities(e.g. Shanghai, Beijing) where meat & dairy consumption is on the rise the overall incidence of cancers/head of population has dramatically increased compared to the rural areas which are unchanged. Did the people migrating from the rural areas to the cities undergo genetic changes…no, they adopted a more meat & dairy centered diet.

  7. xMileyCyrusSeriesx says:

    I guess so because I’ll probably never agree with what you’re saying.

  8. veganath says:

    ok, so we have to agree to disagree…lol

  9. xMileyCyrusSeriesx says:

    My age has no revelance towards what I’m saying. Besides all I am saying is that diet is NOT the cause of cancer, nor will it ever be. It may help to eat healthier if you have cancer but its not gonna make it go away.

  10. veganath says:

    How old are you, would be nice if u would be rational otherwise whats the point of exchanging dialogue?
    Listen I applaud you for being compassionate & adopting a vegetarian diet, all I’m suggesting is that you investigate the evidence & just perhaps it may help u, as it did me, my family is slowly adopting a plant based diet, my mum is vegetarian, my brother is almost vegan, my sis also.You are right I may get cancer, however, I believe I am doing everything in my power to mitigate this disease.

  11. xMileyCyrusSeriesx says:

    No because its a bunch of bull! So what? Just cause you’re a raw vegan does NOT mean you’re healthier than anyone! You can still get cancer! If you’re meant to get cancer, than you’re going to get it, reguardless of your diet! Seriously wake up and join the world of reality!

  12. veganath says:

    Hmm, did you even watch the presentations, “Resolving the Health Care Crisis: T. Colin Campbel at TEDxEast”?
    It seems to me that you have an entrenched mind set that chooses not to take responsibility for your health, but, instead prefer to cast blame, i.e. genetics.
    Speaking of anecdotal evidence. My Father died of cancer, my sister recovered from non-Hodgkin lymphoma. My mother has Parkinsons & obesity, my brother Multiple Sclerosis & obesity. I’m the vegan mostly raw, & I enjoy perfect health

  13. xMileyCyrusSeriesx says:

    Again your proof seems completely bull. If nutrition were the cause of cancer, then please explain to me how even the healthiest person can have cancer? Huh? I’m sure there are vegans who eat nothing but raw food that have cancer. So explain to me again how nutrition is the cause?! My proof? I’ll give you proof! My aunt had colon cancer, died from it, and then two of her sisters both had tumors and multiple polyps in their colons, and now I have the same minus the tumor! That’s called genetics.

  14. veganath says:

    I attempt to present proof, where is yours?

  15. veganath says:

    Dr. T. Colin Campbell Phd, the director of the largest comprehensive study of human nutrition ever conducted (20 years) and co-author of the followup book “The China Study”
    If you can’t trust this guys credentials & life long research who do you trust?

    I suggest you watch this TED talk given by Dr Campbell, on the conclusive research of the relationship between genetics & nutrition in causing cancer. (More compact only 18minutes)

    “Resolving the Health Care Crisis: T. Colin Campbel at TEDxEast”

  16. xMileyCyrusSeriesx says:

    Genetics IS the reason for cancer! What we eat HAS LITTLE EFFECT on whether or not you have cancer! Oh please that’s not proof! There’s much more proof on genetics causing cancer than there is for food. Wherever you get your information, it’s definitely not reliable.

  17. veganath says:

    Genetics may give a higher degree of predisposition, however, the food we eat is the trigger for the development of cancer.

    If you haven’t already, please watch: /watch?v=p88cS3AaGNg

    Animal Protein Meat and Dairy Cause Cancer part 1 pf 3 by Dr. T. Colin Campbell

  18. xMileyCyrusSeriesx says:

    Honestly what you’re saying is complete bull. Diet has NOTHING to do with having polyps! Really? Do you have any proof on that? Highly doubt it! A lot of people drink dairy and are completely healthy! Cancer is NOT based on diet, it’s based on genes and mutations. Same with polyps!

  19. veganath says:

    A truly healthy diet for any & all herbivorous animals is a raw plant based diet. We humans are the only species of animal that cooks the food we eat. So we vegetarians/vegans can still eat a really unhealthy diet, that would cause a predisposition to disease. Dairy product have been shown to be the leading cause of cancers due to the protein “casein”. Refer to the China Study.

  20. xMileyCyrusSeriesx says:

    I’m a vegetarian and I still ended up having over one hundred polyps in my colon! Plus I had 24 removed. What you eat isn’t really the main cause of polyps. Why I have so many is because it runs in my family. My mother had the same thing and had her colon removed. Having a healthier diet can help but doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t have any polyps.

  21. Terri Stanley says:

    Best video about colonoscopy I’ve seen! Thank you. I feel a little more motivated to finish drinking this awful fluid!

  22. Galaxybr88 says:

    Jeeze Man! The liquid didnt taste bad at all!! Why so many people say its sooo awful
    is beyond me.

  23. veganath says:

    True prevention would be preventing the polyp in the first place, doctors should advise people to eat a plant based diet, as the evidence from the largest study on nutrition “The China Study” of the relationship between diet & cancer suggest.

  24. jerr roale says:

    nope, the worst part of colonoscopy is the sedation; it’s not given to relax, it’s to force you to lie immoble despite possible pain and they hope that the Versed amnesia will get you out the door..then you have nightmares, PTSD etc…..


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