$8047 Raised for Cancer Research Institute | THANK YOU! – Medical Informer Video

Thank you so much! This is an amazing accomplishment and I am so proud of you all for stepping up to reach this new goal. Already looking forward to next month!
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25 Responses to “$8047 Raised for Cancer Research Institute | THANK YOU! – Medical Informer Video”

  1. LickViewer says:

    dont change the subject dickwad and technology is helpful (sometimes) again go fuck yourself!!!!

  2. LickViewer says:

    i really hope you get prostate so a doctor will shove a stick up your ass prick

  3. LickViewer says:

    Your saying that there’s no hope in a nutshell go fuck yourslef emo

  4. LickViewer says:

    Well, your a discrase to the world go back to hell little demon!

  5. Michael Watson says:

    Maybe they can’t cure cancer because IT’S A VIRUS! YOU CAN’T CURE A VIRUS!

  6. WardogMac says:

    Bless your heart. You’re a damn good man.

  7. Kolzach says:


  8. Sodoch says:

    I forgot, I’m sorry about your family. But sometimes also, a cancer treatment is too harsh for an old person and may acctually cause them to die sooner and in greater pain and discomfort. The cancer will be cured, but the treatment may kill you because it’s exhausting the body. Old people can’t always take it. But younger people who’s got more time left and a stronger body will more likely be saved. Maybe that’s what the doctor tried to tell your grandmother, however sad that was.

  9. Sodoch says:

    That’s when you ask another doctor. All people respond differently to cancer treatment, but the treatments of today are pretty advanced and getting better all the time. More and more people survive each day.

  10. Breizh Butler says:

    I said I don’t know if Pewdiepie is faking it. I also don’t care. He can do as he wishes; I’m just not going to watch his videos.

    And yes, I do understand what the word “intellectual” means. Mark is a very intelligent person. He does a little research into the games he plays and has an appreciation and understanding for the work that goes into making them.

    If you don’t like Markiplier, no one is forcing you to watch his videos. No one is forcing you to be here.

  11. Bruce Lee says:

    Lol you really think Pewdiepie tries to portray himself as somebody? Den you talk about Markiplier like you even understand what the word intellectual means.

  12. Breizh Butler says:

    You must watch Fox News.

  13. Breizh Butler says:

    Pewdiepie isn’t funny. His jokes are stupid, childish, and sometimes really disturbing. Honestly, I find him, his voice, and his forced-sounding laugh gratingly annoying. Maybe Pewdiepie isn’t faking it. I don’t know, nor do I care. He tries way too hard to be funny. (If he’s not faking that laugh, I feel so bad for him.)

    The people who like Markiplier like him because he’s down-to-earth, he’s genuine, he’s an intellectual, he cares about strangers, and he’s hilarious without trying to be.

  14. Extaist says:

    you have an amazing voice! (no homo) you should be a radio presenter or something?

  15. TheWesmaister says:

    Well, for starters I didn’t care what he did until he became this huge, he is changing the ways of new youtubers into this stupid act of faking screams and doing childish rape jokes.

  16. Pinkie Piexd says:

    naah.. i kinda like it ^^

  17. Pinkie Piexd says:

    naah.. i kinda like it ^^

  18. flamingredguy says:

    He isn’t faking it, and why do you people want to constantly hate him? He hasn’t wronged you.And how in the hell did you get top comment in the first place?

  19. kodzzz996 says:

    He deserves more views than most youtubers

  20. Jeremy Tazruk says:

    Stfu pewdiepie/Markiplier haters, Both Markiplier and PewDiePie are funny lets play people, they both do funny reactions, they both entertain, they both have their own thing, now stfu and enjoy watching what they love doing most, playing games. Complaining won’t do much.

  21. PwndByHaxz says:

    why? theyre both do the same.

  22. Scar Merc says:

    Stop watching My Little Pony

  23. Jastine Salgado says:

    Ohmergosh y r people acting like prepubescent children talking about pewdiepie and mark! Get over it! Being a youtuber is apart of their life. And saying ur opinion is good but as a good parent would say don’t have nice shit to say don’t say shit and go clean ur room.

  24. HecticCheeze says:

    Yes way.

  25. Jaylen Bryant says:

    what no way


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