Anxious patient wants CAT scan – Medical Informer Video

Another entitled patient demanding expensive, unnecessary tests to briefly quell the existential malaise of their dysphoric existence.
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5 Responses to “Anxious patient wants CAT scan – Medical Informer Video”

  1. eshetourjours says:

    Haha… it’s a shame this is so true. This is why I decided I couldn’t work in the ER anymore, I was on the verge of strangling someone after a couple of years of this BS.

  2. JoyPerez23 says:

    i wish more doctors were like him !

  3. JoyPerez23 says:

    LMFAO! i KNO they use magnets !!!

  4. bels10 says:

    My vision for the future is for every patient that has a minor illness to have to work for a day as an aid on a critical care paed unit! See how bad their headache is then!

  5. TheCanadian19 says:

    Because of the detergent her mother used lol


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