Tangerine Dream Live – Cat Scan (Part 2/14) – Medical Informer Video

Tangerine Dream Live - Cat Scan (Part 2/14)

Tangerine Dream live from London 2001. Recorded at Shepherds Bush Empire on May, 12 2001 by INET-TV®/INET-RADIO®. Make sure to click on “watch in high quality” below the video. Musicians: Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese, Iris Kulterer, Gerald Gradwohl

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  1. prognobby says:

    @inettvradio Thanx for the information, i will look out for the “Inferno” concert, have a good time

  2. inettvradio says:

    Her name is Iris Claudia Alexandra Martina Antonia Kulterer aka Iris Camaa. IIRC she joined TD in 2001 at the Shepherds Bush Empire concert where this video was recorded and meanwhile has become a member of the current line-up. If you like this video, make sure to also watch the “Inferno” concert, where she gave an extraordinary performance. Thank you very much for commenting.

  3. prognobby says:

    somebody knows who’s this woman, great idea, live drumming instead of drum machine

  4. inettvradio says:

    Thank you very much my friend, glad that there a still some clips you have yet to discover.

  5. inettvradio says:

    Thank you for viewing and for your nice words! Much appreciated.

  6. Geoff B says:

    How good is THIS?! Wow – Fantastic video of a fantastic band thanks for posting.

  7. inettvradio says:

    Great that you like it. Thx for commenting!

  8. LUDWIGPARIS says:

    Optical Race is in my Top10 favorite TD albums and this one of the best tracks from that album.

  9. inettvradio says:

    You’re welcome anytime. Thx for commenting!

  10. MOLLIEb1971 says:

    one of my favorite songs from optical race! this song makes me happy and it’s neat to watch them play it! I was so happy to find this one– thanks for uploading–it almost makes me feel like i am there!

  11. inettvradio says:

    You are welcome! Thanks for your comment and also for your long time following TD. Best wishes for the next 25 years :-)

  12. firestepher72 says:

    I have been a fan of Tangerine Dream for 25 years ever since I heard the music from the Soundtrack to Firestarter. Since then, I have collected numerous albums. Optical Race being one of them. I first heard this album in 1991. It is neat to see them playing the music pieces. This track being one of my favorites of Optical Race. Another being Twin Soul Tribe. Thanks so much for the upload.

  13. inettvradio says:

    Thx for your comment!


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