Resident Evil 5 Trophy/Achievement – Lead Aspirin – Medical Informer Video

Resident Evil 5 Trophy/Achievement I thought this trophy would be hard to get at first but found out this easy way make sure to have a shotgun the higher the upgraded shotgun the better. Go to the bridge part where the majini’s will have to jump and aim high a bit near there heads and shoot it took me a couple of tries but if you fail the restart it and try again. I know it didnt show the part where i got the trophy as i already had it. So this video is here just to show you how to obtain it.

23 Responses to “Resident Evil 5 Trophy/Achievement – Lead Aspirin – Medical Informer Video”

  1. verywhiteguynoKKK says:

    i made it by accident with the fucking dragunov and didnt get the trophy -_-

  2. BAZARA89 says:

    Chapter 3-2 Execution Ground for anyone wondering

  3. BadingKapit says:

    wowww lol i was thinking of the majinis the jumps up and strikes you and that shit is fucking impossible.. this helped a lot thanks

  4. Taylor Starish says:

    @YakushiKabuto222 +slaps+

  5. Blasterandjaurez says:

    wooow i didnt even think of using shotgun i just stood there for hours using pistol

  6. joeangel21 says:


  7. joeangel21 says:


  8. 1993MadMike says:

    dude. amazing. i tried every other way and couldn’t get it. but this definitely worked fast.

  9. Lesparo says:


  10. Long Rod Von Hugendong says:

    0:38, u dodged that wesker style

  11. BardoBeing17 says:

    thank you so much… I used the magnum lol bits of brains all over the place hahahaaa…

  12. mcbakara says:

    Thank you very much! This video helps me a lot!

  13. g1Chase357 says:

    I got it! Man, that sure was an easy way to get the achievement!
    That gap the Majini jump and the shotgun work for sure.

  14. e36muh says:

    Thanks man great help

  15. brandonbyrd09 says:

    LoL the first weapon he had was a sniper LoL!

  16. KaatisuXKid says:

    YES OMG TNX took me 4ever to figure out how to do it easily

  17. Attila Oláh says:

    Thanks. Watching this video can made it very easy. :)

  18. SM71794 says:

    WOW you make it look so damn easy, you rock man

  19. Jaky2008PSN says:

    i did it on Mercenaries Reunion with a sniperbut it didnt count =(

  20. The123456dudu says:

    …this is the Execution ground, maybe in chapter 3-2…

  21. lazaroski says:

    this video is good only took me one time to get the trophy 5 star 4 u

  22. MentalRoXXorGear says:

    Cool, I’ll try this on my second run through. Best start upgrading my shotgun. You had that thing really souped up, killing from a distance dude!

  23. Pap3rMoon says:

    thanks.. that was tooo easy


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