PreOp® Patient Education: Lasik Laser Eye Surgery – Medical Informer Video Patient ED @ 617-379-1582 INFO Laser Eye Surgery is a relatively simple and nonintrusive procedure that is designed to reduce or eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses. Patient Education LASIK laser surgery generally does not have any effect on a patient’s overall health and there are no risks in choosing not to have the surgery. Patient Education LASIK Laser Eye Surgery
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23 Responses to “PreOp® Patient Education: Lasik Laser Eye Surgery – Medical Informer Video”

  1. AndrewsOpinion15 says:

    DAMN I WANT THIS !!!!!!!!!

  2. Matthew Green says:

    just do one eye at a time then :D

  3. lasereyesurgeryhq says:

    Even a 1% chance of complications is too much for me to risk losing my vision. I think Ill “choose not to have the surgery”.

  4. M Samman says:

    Very missleadind video , bother laser and lasik laser have many side effects including some serious oned, luckily these are not common but people need to know, the most common ones are over/under correction (requires glasses), eye dryness (often permanent) and deterioration of night vision (even with glasses)

  5. Raveena Gohil says:

    are you serious? lol

  6. dkbink20 says:

    Floaters After LASIK ??

  7. oguretsagressive says:

    So does only astigmatism require to cut the eye? And is myopia the “best” diagnosis, cause a laser won’t burn the retina?

  8. GeorgeL909 says:

    The vid doesn’t say, but Lasik involves cutting the top layer of the cornea to make a flap, lifting it then working on the stroma middle layer, whereas PRK just starts laser shaving straight up on the the outer cornea. There’s a difference, especially with risks and recovery time. I’d wanna know.

  9. WTFxW0W says:

    Yeah no risks except you know.. possibly going BLIND!!

  10. NamelessBody says:

    I actually went and watched that video. It is completely unrelated to eye surgery, and the reason for the ‘slow death’ that video refers to is the incompetence of the doctor involved and the especially high risk that the operation in question

    The thing is; as much as being careful with surgeries is important, from all semi-reliable sources I could dig up on this topic, the surgery in this video here is very safe with few possible complications as long as performed by a good doctor.

  11. blabblab1212 says:

    Many people wouldn’t need Lasik if the fucking eye doctors didn’t get a hold of kids eyes during a “routine” check up and slap glasses on them in the first place. FUCK EYE DOCTORS. They don’t care about your eyes. They are in it for the money. They make money by selling glasses not the other way around. They know they are ruining your eyes and they don’t give a damn.

  12. fiujiify says:

    Surgery does wonders.

  13. MsReenSham says:

    This helped. im about to have lasik

  14. MsBones1950 says:

    if you have a son doughter or loved one who is thinking of having surgery please for their sakes or for your own sake please watch 1950 a slow death before you decide anything

  15. nebulae87 says:


  16. nebulae87 says:


  17. spiceyweasel says:

    …..Probably to make you open your eyes wider.

  18. drrd2005 says:

    I asked about astigmatism and the doctor online answered so beautifully and all only for one dollar …I thought other patients should try proctoraid com

  19. David Chalmers says:

    @avengful i had an Astimatism in my left eye, 3 months on my vision has improved slightly, not had dry eyes for 2 months now, 1 month to go and i am signed off from Optical Express

  20. LasikEyeSurgery says:

    this procedure is very safe. if in doubt, please see an eye doctor and have them go over your case, see if there are other alternatives to make your eyes see better.

  21. nebulae87 says:

    it was a joke

  22. David Chalmers says:

    I had Lasik Intralase 150 done 2 weeks ago, now have 20/15 vision one better that 20/20, the day after the procedure my eyes felt a little gritty, but after useing the eye drops this supsided, i recommend this to anyone, no pain and better than 20/20 vision, if you can afford it , go for it,

  23. Joseph Brannick says:

    He did that for lasik?


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