Iron Deficiency Anemia – Medical Informer Video

In anemia, there is inadequate red blood cells to transport oxygen from the lungs to the tissues. Although there are many different types of anemia, the most common cause of anemia is due to excessive blood loss, leading to iron-deficiency anemia (IDA).
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  1. Dancer4Ever132 says:

    Yes. I’m taking iron in liquid form. Go to any nature store, and ask for a beet-based liquid iron supplement. It’s better than pills because it doesn’t cause stomach irritability. Hope this helped :)

  2. majidhussain171189 says:

    is there anything else beside tablet u can take …

  3. Susan Webb says:

    i have Crohn’s Disease but i also have a low red blood cell count and i am worried that it could affect my CD

  4. eman yehya says:

    thanks so much

  5. shane smith says:

    @Fl.orencia Buw i have that too.. found out this morning. my mom takes iron pills and i have to get blood tests and pills:P it sucks. i get really dizzy and get headaches very often and extreme nosebleeds in my sleep

  6. gagalady3561 says:

    @holly thomson Do it in secret that’s what I do. I say I need to go to the toilet take some water with me and take the pills in there

  7. Fl.orencia Buw says:

    i have very low iron in my blood my doc said i need iron pills asap!…. DIZZY AND WEAK!!!

  8. Alevere51 says:

    What I did was I set myself to a schedule routine of when to take my supplements. If you go to a sleepover set a time frame that is easy. Like myself (I’m young and pretty close to having a blood transfusion) I take mine before going over to a friends house even if I am not staying the night. So the night you go over, take it before actually going over to the said friend’s house, and then when you go back home take the tablet…then your friends won’t question you.

  9. holly thompson says:

    i am 13 and i might have anemia how would i tell my friends when i go to sleepovers and have to take my iron supplments

  10. MissCaramel1228 says:

    Oh, don’t stop taking the iron pills just because you feel better. Whenever I stop taking mine for a couple weeks, or for a week, I start to become weak again, like I was feeling today, so had to take the iron pills again. I wonder if I am going to be on these for the rest of my life?

  11. MissCaramel1228 says:

    You forgot to say that women who also go through severe blood loss during pregnancy and/or childbirth can become anemic as well. I was hemorrhaging throughout my pregnancy due to complete previa, and when I went into labor I lost a lot more blood which rendered me iron deficiency anemic all the way up until now.

  12. kalkeikuu says:

    Thank you for your detailed video regarding ‘iron deficiency anemia’.

  13. StuntWorkz says:

    great info. Have BEETS every day and it fill fix your Anemia. Don’t go on Doctors pills. Throw the beet in the blender with other fruits or just peal it and have like an apple. Just google beets and anemia. Peace


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