Republican Against Health Insurance for Children – Medical Informer Video

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15 Responses to “Republican Against Health Insurance for Children – Medical Informer Video”

  1. Meex1989 says:

    I’m from Nashville, so I am familliar with Dianne Black. I go to school in Cookeville, which is Diane Black’s district, which is about 80 miles east of Nashville. It is a complete shit hole, the primary road in the city doesn’t even have a turn lane, I’m not even kidding.

  2. bigraviolees says:

    Their is the proper quote for the history books “Shes Not concerned about the children, shes not concerned about the citizens of the US, shes concerned about companies FUCK THE COMPANIES!” …..and might I had fuck Repubicans in general, of course not literally thats one ugly biotch

  3. v07m9s says:

    Let’s take it a step further. Let’s make people take out Fire Insurance where if your house is burning down, you can only call the Fire Department if you have Fire Department insurance, or if you are being bashed, you can only call the police if you have police insurance, and if you are drowning the lifeguards will only save you if you have drowning insurance. All are potentially life threatening, just like Healthcare issues can be.

  4. hanacat1000 says:

    this is why I’m glad I don’t live in the US..

  5. sngscratcher says:

    Wow! They upheld the health care mandate? Too much. This is Christian America, man: the land of individual responsibility and reliance on God, not government. We’re supposed to let people die when they get sick and can’t pay; or at the very least, lose all their worldly possessions and leave them destitute on the street! What’s next: Loving our enemy? Giving our disposable income to the poor? We’re gonna screw around and fuck up our “Christian” scumbag image.

  6. Michael Jackson says:

    Republicans are religious & it makes sense that they’re capable of such mental gymnastics. You have to be capable of doing some AMAZING mental back-flips to be able to believe in shit out of an outdated 2000-year-old book in the year 2012! If someone is capable of that then they’re capable of believing in anything.

  7. ThePhantom135 says:

    I’m never surprised when I hear these “Republicans are against ____” stories. What I am surprised is their level of pride.

  8. EastCoastDude99 says:

    Do you understand what personal responsibility is? If you’re a liberal, then probably not.

  9. cuntbaggins says:

    do you understand what taxes are?

  10. chubluva07 says:

    This is just more proof that the Republicans are out of touch with what the American People want & why their “Grand Ol’ Party” is in its last days. How can you blame parents when insurance companies are buying politicians to stop Obama’s healthcare plan? Oh yeah, I 4got, it’s “socialist”…

  11. TheAmazingMrBruce says:

    That woman is despicable.

  12. icl4ntic says:

    I find it unfortunate that I disagree with so much in this video. It seems to me that everything our beloved hosts said was shortsighted and ignorant of what the congresswoman’s criticisms are, and didn’t take a stance that defended the legislation and rather attacked the congresswoman. You can do better than this.

  13. EastCoastDude99 says:

    @pluto4847, the police and fire departments are PUBLIC SERVICES you fucking idiot. Get a job and PAY YOUR OWN HEALTHCARE you lazy leftist filth. Go back to your Occupy movement, oh wait, that already died. LMAOOO

  14. pluto4847 says:

    You are a dickhead! You talk about tax payers picking up the tab, but we already do that you stupid retarded buffoon. How do you think public schools, the police force, and fire dept are funded asswipe? By taxpayers picking up the fucking tab. So go and fucking grow up, and I don’t care if I angered you. I hope I ruined your miserable day.

  15. pluto4847 says:

    You got it all wrong. There are people who do work, and they take personal responsibility, but when it comes to their claims they are sometimes denied.
    If it wasn’t a crime to kick your greedy son of a bitch ass, I’d love to to just punch you in the face. Too bad, we have laws against that! Fuck off!


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