Monty Python – Cosmetic Surgery – Medical Informer Video

Raymond Luxury-Yacht (pronounced Throatwobbler Mangrove) tries to get cosmetic surgery

22 Responses to “Monty Python – Cosmetic Surgery – Medical Informer Video”

  1. misteraxl1 says:

    Now that escalated quickly…

  2. undertaker3134 says:

    Who knows, caught my ears as well but feck it is Monty Python after all.

  3. FilmGeek44 says:

    That’s why they were so brilliant. Original, random, and a little bit gay!

  4. DrBarber101 says:

    Now this I can fap to. :L

  5. Xerosvaldo Aldair says:

    agreed, same position here buddy

  6. jozilife says:


  7. Devilsnightforlife says:

    Really should get to bed, but damn, so difficult when you get yourself trapped in a monty python spree.

  8. splashcymbalbandit says:

    What just happened?

  9. hectorbector11 says:

    Best part of Monty Python is you can never predict what will happen next. Ever.

  10. mancmuso1 says:

    and Cromer! ;)

  11. TheSecondOne says:

    That’s not his real nose, it’s a false one!

  12. FMJIRISH says:

    Why is the Irish national anthem playing at the start of this haha

  13. fatandbald666 says:

    Don’t punish me any more! English is not my native language! :-(

  14. finalconsecration says:

    polyester is a fabric

  15. bigverybadtom says:

    Actually the “random tidbit” was meant to explain why the “Throatwobbler Mangrove” joke has special meaning in Britain, while elsewhere it just sounds random. Likewise, calling a woman a “blood sausage” is a nasty insult in France, but elsewhere it doesn’t make any sense.

  16. TheBluMeeny says:

    Yes….I forgot to put quotes on my first comment, but thanks for the random tidbit.

  17. bigverybadtom says:

    Because it is more commonplace in Britain than in the USA to pronounce names very differently from they way they are spelled. The “pronounced Throatwobbler Mangrove” joke is an exaggeration of this practice.

  18. TheBluMeeny says:

    uh what??

  19. bigverybadtom says:

    Something that would be funnier to a Briton actually.

  20. TheKenfig says:

    Raymond L-Y is a legend !!

  21. joeshmo101joeshmo101 says:


  22. ThingsWeSaidToday says:



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