CT Scan – Cat Scan healthy lungs – Medical Informer Video

Thoracic and supraclavicular tissues are within normal limits. Axilla normal. No evidence for pathological mediastinal or hilar lymphadenopathy with a few shotty prevascular and paratracheal lymph nodes noted. At least two images noted with small amount of density identified in posterior dependent portion of the trachea thought to represent mucus, as it appears admixed with small amount of air. There is no other localizing abnormality identified. Esophagus, gastroesophageal junction, and tracheobronchial tree are otherwise unremarkable. Cardiac and pericardial contours normal. Diaphragmatic surfaces and chest wall structure unremarkable. Lung parenchyma demonstrates no nodule, infiltrate, mass, consolidation or atelectasis. Paravertebral and prevertebral tissues are well-maintained. Music by ZoMoK “Focusing Pain” 6th Heartache
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    Cat scans at the UCSF Imaging Center are state of the art and run by technicians foremost in their field, providing the most accurate diagnostics available and giving patients peace of mind.


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