Living with diabetes – a mum and son’s story – Medical Informer Video

Dr Katharine Barnard is a health professional and mum of two young boys, Cole and Ethan. When Cole was three-years-old he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Now 10-years-old, Cole has to carefully monitor and regulate what foods and drinks he consumes and make sure he is getting enough insulin, which his body doesn’t produce. To mark World Diabetes Day on 14th November ( Katharine and Cole have made this video with The International Sweeteners Association ( Watch it to see what everyday food and drink solutions with low calorie sweeteners (aspartame, stevia, sucralose and others) they use to help live with diabetes.
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17 Responses to “Living with diabetes – a mum and son’s story – Medical Informer Video”

  1. Ihaveadreamart says:

    Dr cousins is probably getting all jiggy ….what a nutritional nightmare

  2. Ihaveadreamart says:

    What a nightmare ..all these products are so wrong ,diet cola,sugar free crap she gives him,meat ,milk ….wow …this is such a crazy world…

  3. laurencimorellibow says:

    Hum…chewing gum doesn’t fill me up when I am hungry! It actually creates acids and enzymes to digested food when you chew but with chewing gum you chew but don’t swallow so it actually makes you hungrier! Anyway rant over, I’m diabetic too but I must say I have a completely different care plan to cole!!

  4. Gotalkalinewater says:

    Keep Your Positive Attitude! You can STILL live your life! Your doing it!!

  5. DavidCortese004 says:


  6. raisehell1996 says:

    Great video right there ! I’ve got Type-1 Diabetis with 16 for more than a year or so and I started to live with it as perfect as possible. Sure, you’re considered your whole life as a restricted human being, but after a while it’s great to live with and to be honest – if you keep yourself clean and live with the Diabetis as best as possible, you can assure yourself fitter then not having Diabetis. But to close it up, I think I’ve got the harmest of all major diseases :)

  7. Boxford82 says:

    I hardly think that cole’s weekly carrot intake will counter act the effects of all the aspartame!,

  8. Boxford82 says:

    The shopping on the conveyer belt was shocking!! How bad was a

  9. John Aurum says:

    Well he looks like a sweet young man,i dont see why he cant live normally like others his age. Wish you the best of health

  10. kaalkop says:

    aspartame is in all light products and non sugar’s made from the feces of genetically modified ecolli how can this be good for human consumption?

  11. Habon Muse says:

    what’s the big deal u people are soo overeacting my sister has type 1 diabetes and my mom doesn’t half overeact as you do if u do overeact u put ur child in an awkward position like this fuckin person is

  12. Mattorao2 says:

    la persona più importante della mia vita ha questa malattia…avete tutto il mio sostegno

  13. Dragon Yau says:

    Feel so bad for the kid :(

  14. Bibin Philip says:

    The battle against the faith.

  15. sara ali says:

    Ahh bless you, I wish you the best of health!! :)

  16. Huw Carter says:

    Great story but i agree with some of the other comments. Its really important not to make a big deal about Diabetes. I was diagnosed when i was 4, I’m now 22 and have traveled all over the world and i’m now living in Spain. (from Wales originally). Cole and Ethan, never let your diabetes even stop you thinking about something you want to do, its never stopped me. All the best.

  17. Christian Schultheiss says:

    ihr scheiss fucker man ihr habt doch KEINE AHNUNG wie es ist mit Diabetes 1


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