Cosmetic Surgery Gone Wrong: Buyer Beware: Part One – Medical Informer Video

Part one. This intriguing medical documentary was an eye-opener to executive produce during my Discovery Channel days (1994-2005).

14 Responses to “Cosmetic Surgery Gone Wrong: Buyer Beware: Part One – Medical Informer Video”

  1. ChickenNuggets Burp says:


  2. jessie james says:

    they spend money and lose their god given lives and normal good looks to look horrendous. Besides put a strain on medical services …!

  3. mushroomgirl05 says:

    WTF?! O_O

  4. Pllm30 says:

    I would have just never worn shorts. Small calves are the least of anyone’s worries.

  5. LiftThemWeights says:

    He was training his calves wrong…. fucking idiot. And honestly, way better off just taking minimal amounts of testosterone and cycling properly with pre and post cycle and estrogen blocker. He definitely could have brutalized himself in the gym and ate a heavy diet to get them to grow.

  6. BrokenLipz says:

    aaw i thought he looked so cute when he said: “now i really have cicken legs” and a little giggle

  7. trnigyul says:

    I feel bad for James but it just goes to show how nothing is never enough for ppl, gorgeous, fit, rich ..yet his one little imperfection (which aint really one) and he nearly loses his leg trying to fix it.

  8. neyzay2019 says:

    i am so happy I love the way I look

  9. egregiousfog says:

    Terrible price to pay. I hope he got a great settlement from this butcher.

  10. oldiraqisback says:

    WHAT THE FUCK? the most stupid guy i have ever seen in my life.

  11. darkshadopaaz says:

    you know you would think with all that money he would have done a little more research and actually got himself a really good doctor

  12. sussanaweljones says:

    Still hot and sexy!

  13. IrishEyes1989 says:

    Omg, calf implants? Seriously?!

  14. ClaiomSolis says:

    it’s slightly funny how the bald guy in the beginning says he would do surgery to get rid of his tummy but he didn’t even bother thinking that working out is free and would get rid of his tummy


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