My Plastic Surgery Experience – Medical Informer Video

please vote for me for king of the web! before there is hate, please read! this video was the single most highly requested video I have EVER gotten since getting my surgery. I recorded my story and shared my experience to help and educate those considering surgery and my personal thoughts and opinions. Surgery is NOT for everybody. it will not make others like you better nor will it make you a better person but it will make you feel better about yourself and your self esteem (ie do it only FOR YOU and not because someone wants you to or because “everybody’s doing it) I highly recommend to wait until you are over 21 for any body altering surgeries as bodies continue to change even as a young adult. I hope this helps some of you and I will be answering as many questions as I can regarding this as it is a very very big decision. All my love to all of you! ENJOY! my plastic surgeon follow me on twitter @trishapaytas find me on facebook! http ox Trish PLEASE DO NOT FLAG THIS VIDEO!!!!!! this is really just to educate, share, and help with those considering or going through the same type of situation. I tried to go about it as professional as possible. THANKS!

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  1. Kay Brown says:

    very informational, thanks hon! they look great!

  2. HEHEX3X says:

    That’s a girl…

  3. snupers says:

    thats her, lol

  4. jewelzization says:

    yeah but trish talked about how she loves it on her perfect imperfection video.

  5. purplequeen133 says:

    were you on xfactor?

  6. Sarah-Emma Sheehan says:

    I thought I was imagining things when it popped up. Haha. Thats her modelling fetish lingerie. haha

  7. xxSillyCrackerxx says:

    @LydiaGerrard98 No actually having asymmetrical boobs are common for women, not every woman has perfect body parts that are fully developed.

  8. xxSillyCrackerxx says:

    @LydiaGerrard98 No actua

  9. ItsNikkaeNickles says:

    Were the fuck does she get this money .-.

  10. Nemesisphotografy says:

    mdr l horrible peluche verte lui ressemble trop!!

  11. rosesfornever says:

    Fine by me..

  12. rosesfornever says:

    That’s great. For you. Let me live my life the way I please, thank you. Which is letting me express an opinion.

  13. rosesfornever says:

    Straight what?..
    And I’m not sure who you are in your photo; the dumb blonde or the short, round brunette. and *I *, *E *, *I *I *’ *I *’ *Y *.
    That’s editing your comment there.

  14. rosesfornever says:

    Wow bitch, maybe it’s you that can’t take the heat from a teenager with access to the net and has a freedom of speech. And type like you’re fucking educated please.

  15. rosesfornever says:

    Me-ow Kitty actually has a voice. And um I’m sorry this isn’t about how I look. I’m not jealous of her, I’m saying she should cover up a little instead of exposing herself through the entire video. I’m very modest and this only attracts predators that feast on her looks. It’s an oxymoron to say that you’re not going to flaunt your new looks but instead wear a top that exposes all of your chest. And I’m a teenager and bitches like you should stop harassing people. Get off my fucking back.

  16. rosesfornever says:

    Then why is my first comment one of the top two? Please tell me i’d love to hear…


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