CNN – Tommy Chong Fighting Prostate Cancer With “Rick Simpson’s Cannabis Oil” – Medical Informer Video

CNN – 6-10-2012 TOMMY CHONG of Cheech and Chong fame says he will treat his recently diagnosed prostate cancer with Rick Simpson’s hemp oil, after he watched my documentary… RUN FROM THE CURE – A Film By Christian Laurette. Take that, haters.
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14 Responses to “CNN – Tommy Chong Fighting Prostate Cancer With “Rick Simpson’s Cannabis Oil” – Medical Informer Video”

  1. potterylady1 says:


  2. 22mar79 says:

    The plant should be totally liberated! That’s it. Simple like that. Like grass, for example. Totally liberated means totally liberated. By ‘legalize it’ I mean totally liberate it! Liberated it now all over the world! _|/_

  3. GivingYouTruth says:

    I hope everyone has heard that Tommy Chong said on his Tweeter account last month, that his cancer is cured because of hemp oil.

  4. humanoflife says:

    i herd he said on twitter that he is 99% cancer free. Is this true??

  5. TeamLibertyExpress says:

    The brother was dumbfounded at the end, Tommy hit him with too much logic all at once.

  6. madera559559 says:

    I love that medical marijuana is starting to be recognize alot more in the media. i beleive its only a matter of time before there legalize it, or make it even worse.

  7. silverss onyoutube says:

    tommy is NOW CURED . joe rogan made the announcement on his podcast a while ago. that news guy was a total jerk at the end , he completely confused tommy and changed the subject then rudely cut him off .

  8. hdbass says:

    He is in touch with Rick, it’s the only reason he’s using this form of treatment. It’s not oil directly from Rick but I hope it’s potent enough to take care of his cancer.

  9. peter rod says:

    Listen to the Joe rogan podcast with Immortal technique. Joe said Cheech is cancer free now!

  10. gompynl says:

    hes 99% cancer free now

  11. peter rod says:

    On the Joe rogan podcast he said Tommy was 99% cancer free

  12. casualtySR says:

    chong is cured.

  13. LowPipe00 says:

    Rick Simpson…. Nova Scotia Represent.

  14. paulagloria says:

    now I know why Run from the Cure hits jumped up to 16,000 in a week…it is because it is next to this one! Let’s follow Tommy Chong’s progress My father who had a body to live to 100 at least got a bad PSA test and then took the conventional treatments for “prostate” cancer which in those days was LOWERING testosterone. He went through sheer hell. I am certain Tommy Chong will be fine. I loved how clearly and simply he explained the dangers of legalization, taxation & regulation. smart guy


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