My LASIK Experience – Medical Informer Video

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13 Responses to “My LASIK Experience – Medical Informer Video”

  1. XxDavo93xX says:

    The flap you’re talking about is the cornea. O_O

  2. vneskae says:

    Your face is so fucking botoxed out!!

  3. sayian2k says:

    damn theres alot of hating on yo videos
    keep doing yo thing girlie

  4. eijomzhong says:


  5. Ali Ababwa says:

    but arent you wearing colored contacts in this video?

  6. Evangelista Nick says:

    Does this channel pay your bills?

  7. Cohen Ilan says:

    I’m just here because of the boobs

  8. maccajoe says:

    @ArikaSato hey arika you said you were getting eye infection after eye infection before hand. What from? what was the actual problem that you had with your eyes and how did Lasik fix this? I might be in the same boat coz i have had infections for years but know one can tell what they are from.

  9. TheEmissaryOf69 says:

    can i fuck u???please please please i will be nice

  10. Tyler Ko says:

    maybe you got so many eye infections from all that cum in your eyes…

  11. ace24680 says:

    well done on that body :) dont worry i paid attention to what you were saying

  12. xxslayer112xx says:

    mmmmmmm! Dem tities

  13. Donnie Simms says:

    He wasn’t Ray (RWJ)!! But I’m black too :”)) I have started my own eye lens prescription too! And what I wish to know!? Is why does with wearing the eye contact lens backwards burns the eye balls.. And when may I have a date with Arika Sato? :”)<3


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