lexapro the good the bad and the ugly – Medical Informer Video

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  1. LUKE82603 says:

    how were the withdrawls? I am down to 10mg. been on for 7 months.

  2. bordmanjr says:

    Oh sweet, mail me some horse meds for my horse. I need equipoise , sick horse at home Thx

  3. Giro Coco says:

    not USA, this is Colombia South America, and if I am a dad I don´t still know it :P

  4. bordmanjr says:

    Doesn’t look like it. I have the sample packages, the bottles direct from the forest pharma, those aren’t the packages from the USA company. Good luck dad

  5. mustaffa16 says:

    It is, kido.

  6. bordmanjr says:

    Thats not real lexapro

  7. cturbak21 says:

    pls look up on youtube “the marketing of madness full documentary” b4 continuing to take these brain altering drugs. i promise u will never touch them again

  8. nannetta says:

    got off and stayed off …off to this day! I was on them YEARS ago.. never again will an SSRI or BENZO go into this body..they are all garbage to me. If they help you.. good for you.

  9. thefluxcastle says:

    I get numbness in my left leg all the time since i started cipralex , its odd

  10. Giro Coco says:

    i am both baby and besides that im your mutha…jejejejejej

  11. Giro Coco says:

    good 4 u, but for my panic disorder i realize now i better take them…. otherwise i´ll relapse no matter what……luck

  12. nannetta says:

    I was on 10 mg for 6 months and it energized me at first. I suddenly started to ache and go numb on the left extremities. I weaned off after reading that it should only be used at the most for 6 months. Good luck with your other options!

  13. asderso says:

    gracias amigo… thank you for the info ! wish YOU to feel super !

  14. Giro Coco says:

    hey wassup yes I´m better after the 4th month… actually the 6th month is when it really kicks….luck

  15. asderso says:

    Gracias amigo !!! how you feel now ? I feel excellent after 3 months Lexapro but I take other 2 drugs aside…

  16. Giro Coco says:

    @GRACIEBJJ1 Valerian and herbs are useless when you have a mental condition… magnesium, zinc and vitamin D help the metabolic changes

  17. Giro Coco says:


  18. asderso says:

    Happy New Year amigo !!  Because I have erotomania (=)) my SEX drive came back after 3 months of Lexapro. Sometimes manias are helpful. Sex to me is a drug against desperation, desperation towards Life.

  19. asderso says:

    If person has psychological problems = cannot live his/her life, drugs HELP totally the ones that do not have SEVERE psychological problems. You saying “beat your depression or whatever it is to live your life & do things” cannot be accomplished by a sick mind.

  20. Giro Coco says:

    thanks, omega 3 works for the phisical lack of sex drive, but still there is less desire, which may be benefical when you think 2 much about sex and do stupid things 4 it….luck man

  21. Giro Coco says:

    more activated at the beggining but then it gives like a laziness you want to do the least, exercise has been good for that


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