Wavefront LASIK Eye Surgery – Graphic – Medical Informer Video

Do not watch if graphic eye surgery is too intense – may be NSFW! My eyes were in great hands at Shapiro Laser in Ventura, CA, which specializes in Wavefront LASIK – I highly recommend them. www.shapirolaser.com

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  1. AndrewsOpinion15 says:

    DAMN I WANT THIS !!!!!!!!!

  2. baratbatpo1 says:

    I did a lasik almost a year now.. So far so good but I have problem at night on lights.. all light I see out door are just starburst.. Starburst look like a star and the light spreads…

  3. xOZZYxable says:

    I might get lasik. Thanks for the info

  4. Tyler Suchman says:

    that’s correct – the cornea flap is gently moved back into place by the surgeon, and smoothed out a bit. It naturally re-attaches itself. you have to wear an eye guard when you sleep for a few weeks, and not intentionally rub your eyes, as the cornea could potentially be rubbed loose, but if you’re careful, i think the probability of that is really low. I personally had absolutely zero complications, great results.

  5. xOZZYxable says:

    So the way i understood is the cornea re attatches back and stay’s there like if it never got cut right?

  6. Tyler Suchman says:

    hi there – if i understand the procedure correctly, the cornea is cut with a laser, and it flaps over like its on a hinge. then the laser smooths out the cornea’s imperfections based on an incredibly precise topographic map. then the cornea that is hinged is folded back on to the eye and smoothed into place. apparently it does a huge amount of healing in under a minute, then the bulk of the remainder of the healing is done over the first 8-12 hours. still have to be careful for a few weeks.

  7. xOZZYxable says:

    Can any one tell me if the piece of tissue they cut off your eye connects back with the rest off the tissue?
    If it doesn’t grow back into its place will it just come off if you scratch your eye when it gets ichy

  8. Evangelista Nick says:

    what color is your other eye?

  9. Cohen Ilan says:

    which  surgery?

  10. JimmyStruthers1000 says:

    oh okay, thanks for the heads up. I guess i’ll be getting the iLASIK then hahaha

  11. GoldenZatch says:

    Also, my iLASIK surgery is next week. :)

  12. GoldenZatch says:

    I work for an Ophthalmology practice that specializes in iLASIK. From patient experiences, and from what my Doctors tell me is that iLASIK is virtually painless, takes 5 minutes, and has almost no recovery time. PRK is considered very painful, and vision recovery can take up to or more than a week. However, most surgeons prefer PRK as it’s been around longer.

  13. noformstyle says:



    1) Open your eye wide
    2) Keep it open
    3) Do not blink.
    4) When it start to burn
    5) Use ur fingers to keep it open


  14. macronewb says:

    but if you get too much better then 20/20 you start compromising your near sight.

  15. chowpeixuan says:

    yuck it is groosym

  16. rludlow77 says:

    I had this surgery on my brown eye

  17. QuantumStates says:

    I can only speak for the procedure using the flap. Like I said, it’s painless except for the slight discomfort during the flap creation. I’m sure you would be able to handle it if you’re over the age of 16. It’s less painful than going to the dentist for a cavity filling. Millions of people have had LASIK done and millions have been satisfied with the outcome, including me.


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