UPDATE: Asthma in Korea – Medical Informer Video

UPDATE: Asthma in Korea

A while back I did a video about having asthma in Korea and how coming here helped me essentially cure my asthma. This is just an update. Short version, it’s still completely gone as long as I don’t eat wheat. I love Korea. My facebook: www.facebook.com Tumblr: lovelylovablelovinglady.tumblr.com
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  1. Diana luvshunkycelebritychefs says:

    I’m very happy your health has improved in Korea. Just curious what your mom said when you told her….did she also get checked if she was allergic to wheat as well?
    Also, can you do a video about dating in Korea? I don’t know if you went out on a date or what, but if you have (either a foreigner or a Korean), what kind of fun activities are there for a first date or for couples? Thanks!

  2. Cassandra Christensen says:

    congratulation :D

  3. notagain001 says:

    I wonder if you’ve found the cure for asthma

  4. ChelseaSpeak3 says:

    I haven’t been back yet so I don’t know.

  5. ChelseaSpeak3 says:

    lol thank you, but I don’t know about that. :P

  6. bpckplay92 says:

    What? Normal? :P You’re too gorgeous to be normal :)

  7. notagain001 says:

    When you return to the US, does your asthma also return?

  8. ChelseaSpeak3 says:

    coffee and fresh fruit usually. So like an americano coffee with an apple and banana or an orange with a banana or something like that.

  9. maliburacer2 says:

    so every moring what do you eat i need to know please tell.

  10. Kookiemonstr22 says:

    I enjoy watching ur vids…and I can relate somehow. I was there for a month and at first I was little bit scared but now that I am back in the states, I miss Korea so much..wish I can be a teacher like u and live there..;(

  11. Kookiemonstr22 says:

    I miss Korea…

  12. ChelseaSpeak3 says:

    and I thank your country for being so kind and accommodating. I love it for good reasons like the people and culture are so awesome for example! :D

  13. ChelseaSpeak3 says:

    and I thank your country for being so kind and accommodating. I love it for good reasons like the people and culture are so awesome for example! :D

  14. kyu012 says:

    I love you for being so open minded! Thank you for loving my home and my country.

  15. fuckinging1 says:

    you are so beautyful to me ~~~~kkkkkkkkk^^ I love is now kkkkkkk @@

  16. goldenmunt says:


  17. SANG KYU LEE says:

    If it’s about wheat, traditional korean soy sauce doesn’t have any in it. Japanese soy sauce, the one your probably referring to adds flour when fermenting, so it has quite a bit of gluten in it. Korean soy sauce only uses bean, salt and water :D but things like pepper paste and bean paste, although it is mostly made using rice, it is sometimes made using wheat so you should look out for that i guess.

  18. SANG KYU LEE says:

    It depends :D if it’s for medical reasons, like cavity, yes it can be insured. I’m not sure what your referring to when you said ‘vision’ but if your talking about surgeries like LASIK, also, it’s not insured unless you’re doing it for medical reasons. If it’s just for convenience, no insurence. But LASIK is much cheaper to do in Korea even without insurence, about 1500,000won? thats about 1350 us dollar.

  19. xtm43 says:

    I heard powder food is not good. take care pretty girl

  20. Whereinseoul says:

    Basic dental is often covered (amalgam fillings) but things like x-rays or ceramic fillings won’t be covered (or at a bare minimum).

  21. bongeya21 says:

    Korean food is a little salty. Just be careful.
    Asthma later old age will cause bronchiectasis.
    So steadily screening is required.


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