Colonoscopy: What Patients Can Expect – Medical Informer Video

The American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy doctors walk viewers through a colonoscopy with a real patient from preparation instructions to what happens during the procedure and what to expect after the exam.

5 Responses to “Colonoscopy: What Patients Can Expect – Medical Informer Video”

  1. Zakariah1971 says:

    Liars! This crap is unsafe! Did she mention they reuse that shit stained scope on all patients? Did she mention iridology and sclerology can do the same screening without toxic drugs or fatal side effects like death?

  2. Jim Harris says:

    Still not SUPER excited. We’ll see. Thanks for the reference Dr. Nguyen.

  3. grendel130 says:

    jt’s an easy procedure, but the sedation with Versed can cause long-term memory damage. The only use it to make the patient forget the procedure (and a lot more) so that they can do it “quickly”……

  4. toftingall says:

    Informative. Helpful. Clear.

  5. Lisa Chernow says:

    Very informative!


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