Lou Rawls Colonoscopy Exam in English – Medical Informer Video

Lou Rawls Colonoscopy Exam in English

Lou Rawls gives Damon Wayans a Colon exam

17 Responses to “Lou Rawls Colonoscopy Exam in English – Medical Informer Video”

  1. darkguy300 says:

    thats show was best than two and half life man

  2. TheOneNamedCarl says:

    R.I.P. Lou Rawls.

  3. jared986le says:


  4. RayGettings says:

    This is so funny I think I hurt myself laughing

  5. kavallan says:


  6. FAMUCHOLLY says:

    Have hope. My mother has had Crohns Disease since she was 16 and she is 80 now.

    Be strong and take care of yourself.

  7. garland721 says:

    Part of the lyrics to this song are: “But there’s no use in buts,or maybe’s…etc.”.
    However if Rawls were actually a gastroenterologist, at least in this video there WOULD be plenty of use-in BUTTS..no maybe’s about it!

  8. garland721 says:

    I guess this video gives a whole new meaning to “You-Tube”!
    And is it being sung by Lou Rawls or Lou “Awl”‘s???

  9. rickames says:

    I am told that i look like this guy & his brother Keenan often. I guess that is a compliment!

  10. hpa2005 says:

    the look on Damon Wayans’ face when Lou walks in, he’s all, “What the…..?”

  11. Danielnwa says:

    RIP Mr.Cool

  12. klgovalpo says:

    Menos motivos para hacerme un examen asi

  13. Btrotter01 says:

    EVERY time I watch this I laugh my butt off ! ! ! !

  14. keonta81 says:

    is that ms hall from next friday

  15. AirCargoHeavy says:

    Absolutely hilarious! And when Lou put the implement to his mouth like a microphone, I thought I would die laughing.

  16. lindacholita says:


  17. MJRookieRook says:

    ♫ NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ♫ ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    One of my favorite episodes.


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