Aspirin Toner – Medical Informer Video

Note: I lost a lot of confidence & self esteem because of my acne. It takes a load of courage for me to be on camera w/o makeup. If you are just having a bad day and really want to write something mean, please do it on my other videos and not this one. Thank You. I always want to make sure everyone knows that I use to have cystic acne when I was 14-19. It wasn’t when I became so depressed and hateful of myself that I finally changed my lifestyle to not only mentally help me love myself, but to also improve my skin. I am not going to tell you to use a bar of soap and it will be a Voila! I don’t make these videos often because I don’t want to preach bull shit to people. If it doesn’t work, I won’t share it with you guys. I did research, and tested it out for two weeks. My skin has been glowing and clean for the past two weeks. Also here are reviews by MUA This toner has helped me control my oil on my T-zone. It makes me break out less, as well as lessen any blackheads I had. Also Nars Foundation forked up my skin pretty bad, so it got rid of all of those horrid blemishes as well! WARNING: if you have a bad reaction with aspirin STAY away from this same with witch hazel. Things: Witch Hazel by Dickenson’s 100% : Walgreens Non-Coated Aspirin: Wal-Mart Clean Bottle: Wal-Mart Clothes: Bear Hoodie: or White Shirt with Arm Slits: Angel shirt from or Brown Vest
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Aspirin Toner – Medical Informer Video”

  1. madametj says:

    can olive oil or anything else be used instead of the witch hazel?

  2. TheFem92 says:

    Haha I like you already!

  3. wtfmate0815 says:

    you’re smart!

  4. Miss11Angel says:

    I would love to try this, but my parents dont let me… How can I make them believe that this works? :(

  5. spirit2fusion says:

    ugh. the witch hazel I bought is 86%. -_- ugh. imma do it anyway.

  6. fabulous21819 says:

    Omg thumbs up if you can even see the dislike bar!!!!!!!!

  7. j1mbOZ31 says:

    @Sundriesandetc i used it for a month or two and it didn’t do much for me besides clean off dirt and oil and make my skin feel good as far a visual acne, i still had it. I have moderately severe acne and i still have NOT found a product that suits my skin =/.

  8. j1mbOZ31 says:

    @Sundriesandetc i used it for a month or two and it didn’t do much for me besides clean off dirt and oil and make my skin feel good. i have moderately severe acne and i still have not found a product that suits my skin =/.

  9. cluckg says:

    @AntiJacob89 you will need asprin but a everyday toner would be fine:) hope that helpes

  10. AntiJacob89 says:

    can i just use ibuprophen and my everyday toner? or does it have to be those?

  11. Sundriesandetc says:

    @MichelleCandy07 oo okay i’ll check it out. thanks! :)

  12. MichelleCandy07 says:

    @Sundriesandetc I like the Garnier 3 in 1 scrub! Hope it helps <3

  13. Sundriesandetc says:

    @KanashimiDatenshi i know your comment was from awhile ago, but yes, it probably would work

  14. Sundriesandetc says:

    @MichelleCandy07 do you know of any other scrubs that are better but is still effective?

  15. Sundriesandetc says:

    @j1mbOZ31 how has the aspirin toner worked for you so far? do you still keep up with it?

  16. mewuniverse says:

    can i know what brand of the machine you’re using for sewing?^_^ im inspired of what you do,thanks for sharing vids, please please reply ^^’

  17. Sakura528 says:

    In my opinion without makeup you look like SNSDs Jessica when they first debuted. :DDD

  18. saranghaexgd says:

    you’re actually REALLY PRETTY without makeup too, just saying lol

  19. Zaralynn2010 says:

    You look really cute without makeup!! No joke!

  20. isabelurbabygirl99 says:

    more like 74,268

  21. kohaku1731 says:

    @MiPurTi ith usual toners u should use them twice a day after you cleanse your face =)

  22. TieDyeKiss says:

    I use this and your baking soda mask and they work soooo well on my skin!! Thank you so much!!! :)

  23. yennhingo9291991 says:

    you r really awesome

  24. shellyyux3 says:

    I went to walmart but my walmart didnt have the 98 cents aspirin so i had to buy a $6 aspirin with only 40 tablets ): and i got witch hazel from walgreens and when i made the solution, my aspirin is like almost completely gone.. like the flakes are like not there or very very little of them. when i put it on my face and it dried, i dont have the flecks :o

  25. Anonmeable says:

    You are beautiful. Truly.


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