Cosmetic Surgery Documentary – Ethnic Nose Job – Plastic Surgeon Beverly Hills – Medical Informer Video This is a cosmetic surgery documentary on my experience undergoing and ethnic nose job performed by plastic surgeon Dr. Paul S. Nassif located in Beverly Hills. Dr. Nassif specializes in ethnic rhinoplasty for African American, Hispanic and Asian patients. As part of his information campaign on cosmetic surgery in Beverly Hills, those who are interested in rhinoplasty and plastic surgery can get loads of up-to-date information straight from Dr. Nassif through his websites Media Page. This web page contains articles written by Dr. Nassif that have been published in famous plastic surgery journals and books. The Media Page also contains actual rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty surgery captured on video. These videos were aired in Discovery Channel, ET, Dr. 90210 and other shows. Patients who want to know more about Dr. Paul S. Nassif can check out his curriculum vitae. Whether you decide to undergo this procedure or not, http can give you an accurate and detailed perspective. Video Produced by Spore Medical

25 Responses to “Cosmetic Surgery Documentary – Ethnic Nose Job – Plastic Surgeon Beverly Hills – Medical Informer Video”

  1. kayslove1 says:

    And that’s not his daughter, he has 3 young sons with his wife Adrienne. They’re both such loving people!

  2. kayslove1 says:

    I live Paul!!! He’s so dedicated to his job!!!!

  3. tmr107 says:


  4. yourwildchick says:

    wow that plastic surgeon did a great job ! you look so much prettier now and im glad you re more confident now !

  5. TayVril says:

    it turned out to be so good :)

  6. w68661 says:

    you look so beautiful!

  7. zyferion says:

    ugh i want this doctor! i hate my nose its sooo big and wide especially when i smile :(

  8. drpiddleton says:

    She looked cute before with her old nose but there is no denying how beautiful she looks now after having operation. I am impressed with the surgeon’s talent. It is fortunate that she was well proportioned and symmetrical before the operation.

  9. blackclavish says:

    I heard people whose nose jobs extremely changed the nose may have severe nasal and breathing problems when they get older, like in their 60s or late 50s. As the facial structure (foramen) starts aging and the face begins to sag due to gravity, the lifted nose remains rigid and does not sag like the rest of the face resulting in a very grotesque look. The same thing happens in breast augmentation surgery – an old woman with a young woman’s chest. Looks weird.

  10. allantecathey says:

    @TheseProblemsMatter I believe that so many object to it, because those who are trying to change themselves are perhaps indirectly insulting their contemporaries.

  11. LeoGonWild says:

    oh my gosh… I love him! He is on real housewives and he is talented!

  12. whypas says:

    I don’t get why the look of your nose would prevent you from doing anything… I mean unless it’s totally off or scarred of reeeeally weirdlly shaped it’s all good, right? Just tell those people who complain about your freaking nose to kindly go fuck themselves or something.

  13. xbaby34 says:

    thats probably his daughter

  14. XtinaFighter says:

    sorry but i can’t see much difference!!!

  15. goldiebee19 says:

    The surgeon actually did a very good job in giving her a natural looking nose. It’s only a very subtle difference. Most women come out with Barbie doll, plastic looking noses and even if you didn’t know them beforehand, you can tell that they’ve had surgery. With this girl, you wouldn’t know unless she told you.

  16. TheseProblemsMatter says:

    @mikkblackhawk I would disagree with that, if it makes you happy and what you are doing is legal and not harming anyone else’s life, then it is the right thing to do. Besides, one persons idea of what is ‘right’ and another persons idea of what is ‘right’ could be completely different.

  17. liquidyou says:

    I was going to comment on the fact that I think she looks fine, but now I need to comment on the doctor – What the heck, that’s the husband from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

  18. IJizzzedOnYou says:

    i believe every1 should be happy w the body god gave you.

    i personally believe plastic surgery are for the ppl that survive horrific accidents.

    i HOPE in the end you get what you payed for.that is all.

    ps doc luks like a duck. XD

  19. lifesabeach0011 says:

    you look wonderful! Before and after. Just love yourself.

  20. toocaran1 says:

    @chentamocca0203 Why would someone care what you think of them or if you respect them? Most people have plastic surgery to improve how they feel about themselves, socially and psychologically. That’s what’s important.

  21. chentamocca0203 says:

    if you didnt do plastic surgery…i will respect more wif u

  22. mikkblackhawk says:

    @TheseProblemsMatter Just because a person does something that makes them happy and confident, doesn’t mean it is always the right thing to do.

  23. obamatran says:

    how much it has costed

  24. NeonChopstickilla says:

    her voice seems difrent from the before and after =O

  25. TenshiTamagoKidd15 says:

    theres nothing wrong with getting a nose surgery


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