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  1. DHristovTV says:

    Humans have gone to far with the technology

  2. 101nessyfan says:

    Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Wwwwwwwwww Wwwwwwwwww

  3. cumshot247 says:

    This is nothing! Looks pretty smooth compared to another one I saw. This one was cut perfectly, the other I saw wasn’t cut straight and had loose edges sticking up everywhere. It was a mess!

  4. CallMeMidnightAngel says:

    fuck me (0_0)
    Were they awake for that???

  5. AaronBruceLadner says:

    From 1:11 to 1:46, Your Eye experiences a Sensation of Nirvana as it is Comforted by the Powerful Laser.

  6. barbiegirluniverse says:

    @chelseaXichigo About $500 to $2500. Depends on where you live and the experience of your practitioner.

  7. tyyseeyou says:



  8. RowlingPotter says:

    I would never have the courage to do this. God bless the lenses!

  9. koz1769 says:

    I wanted LASIK until I saw this!!!!!

  10. MsButters8 says:

    @IrSpock true that •_• no matter what I would not want to be awake if I get that

  11. frigocom says:

    I did this today :D And I see like never before, not pain at all :D

  12. ashepe says:

    I’ll just keep the glasses for now, thanks ;)

  13. chelseaXichigo says:

    How expensive is this?

  14. alisonintheburgh says:

    I think the worst part is when they move the eyelid holder thingy around. Other than that, I could probably do this.

  15. heyoitsrico100 says:

    does your eye feel really dry during it?? and how does it feel after? how does the flap not come up?? pleease reply i have to get this done, thanks!!!

  16. volvomannen79 says:

    Did this 10 hours ago.. thank god i didnt see this before. Looks worse than it feels and now i see perfect and feel no pain at all..

  17. jnal159 says:

    I had it done yesterday. It doesn’t hurt because they putting numbing drops in your eye. The worst part was not not knowing what the heck they were doing. When they flip the flap your vision goes blurry and then when they’re brushing it back into place you can see all of it but can’t feel any of it. It was pretty freaky but I’m seeing great already and have no regrets so far. If you don’t want to cut the flap, opt for PRK, then they dissolve a layer of your cornea instead.

  18. IrSpock says:

    Omg, that will never happen to me. They’d have to knock me out :P I’m sorry, but there’s absolutely no way I could do that no matter how much I tried.

  19. olegario39 says:

    this+final destination 5 = glasses

  20. plejka says:

    @TheTwilightSagaHeart i can see better, i wouldn’t say perfect because it takes 6 months to have final results. but i see everything now, it’s way 2 cool.. i see further than with glasses, like i have binoculars on my eyes :D side effects.. none that i can think of.. just the night vision is 2 bright if there are fluorescent lamps or a car coming straight at you. but thats normal. it heals ofcourse, but like i said, it takes 6 months.. i could surf on my computer the next day and drive a car.

  21. plejka says:

    @TheTwilightSagaHeart yeah, the fact that you can’t blink or even move your head is uncomfortable and you get a little bit anxious. but if your eye moves the laser shuts down, so it can’t torch your face :P :D
    they have a little thingy that will move your lid so you can’t blink even if you wanted to. and i have to admit, this first part, when they put this metal thing over your eye, is the worst part. i litteraly stoped breathing from discomfort and the pressure on the eye.

  22. plejka says:

    @SosiMcGee a week ago, just dryness so i have to use eye drops a lot, but that’s it. and it’s to bright to look at street lights at night. but i think that’s normal for a week postop results.. it takes 6 months to get full results.. i had astigmatism, aberation and a -1,75. i know it’s sounds small, but i have to say, i see some colors much better now than i did before. sounds strange i know, but it’s true..

  23. SosiMcGee says:

    @plejka When did you get it done? Have you had any problems since at all? I don’t think it’s worth the risks

  24. TheTwilightSagaHeart says:

    @plejka oh and i forgot another question… the part that they cut (the cornea), does it ever heal? Or does it just stay like that?

  25. TheTwilightSagaHeart says:

    @plejka isn’t uncomfortable, not being able to blink? Cause even though it doesn’t hurt, it’s a habbit that we’ll never get rid of….. And it must be scary as hell, seeing pointy metalic stuff coming straight for your eyes… and poking it…… O.o
    btw i have 2 questions i hope you’ll answer… 1. did it worked? i mean, you can see everything perfectly now? and 2. isn’t there any side effects at all?
    thanks =)


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